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We prefer to work on garments and items we obtain from our suppliers. We use clothing and items that have been tested and proven to provide quality.  Occasionally during the printing process, a garment or item will be damaged or misprinted. If we have supplied the garment or item, we have calculated a margin of error in the cost and will replace it.


We cannot replace garments or items we have not sold or provided. If you supply the garment or item and there is a problem, we do not replace your item.


-  Way Easier for You: It’s a one stop shop experience. We’ve printed hundreds of thousands of shirts.

- Guaranteed Quality:  We can guarantee where shirts are coming from and know the quality you can expect.

- Better Rates: Because we order thousands of shirts on a weekly basis

- The Best Results:  Get the best results for your prints every time

Your time is valuable. Don’t let ordering shirts eat up time you could spend elsewhere.

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